English grammar workbook – Level B1 (intermediate) – pdf download

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This book provides everything you need to master an intermediate level of English grammar. It is instantly available for download once purchased.

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Introducing our level B1 (intermediate) English grammar book. This workbook is perfect for self-studying and teaching and for anyone who wishes to master the fundamentals of the English language. With clear grammar explanations, exercises, worksheets, answers and beautiful illustrations, this book is designed to make learning English fun and easy.

Grammar topics covered in this book:

1. Future: Will/won’t, present continuous, be going to
2. Future continuous
3. Gerunds and infinitives
4. The 1st conditional
5. The 2nd conditional
6. The 3rd conditional
7. Quantifiers
8. The past perfect
9. Question tags
10. Past habits: would, used to
11. Reported speech
12. The passive voice
13. Articles: a/an, the, no article


1 review for English grammar workbook – Level B1 (intermediate) – pdf download

  1. Akram

    Really helps. Very good!

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